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Moments of Grief and Loss

grief and loss in life

There are times in life where it seems that nothing can go wrong, and then there are times when the world feels like it is crashing down around you. When life becomes consumed in grief and loss, it can be hard to imagine a way to carry on and pick yourself up. There are some life tragedies that the human mind struggles to comprehend, such as the death of a loved one, a son or daughter being diagnosed with a terminal illness or being abandoned by a beloved spouse. In these times, it is very important to let yourself accept what has happened and grieve in a healthy way.

Initially, it is natural to be in a state of shock or denial. The moment when someone learns that their life will never be the same due to personal tragedy, it is often impossible to process the information. The human mind is not meant to comprehend tragedy quickly. The best thing the individual’s support system can do for their loved one is simply be there to care for and love them in preparation of what is to come.

There is a point when the individual will process and understand the full weight of the personal tragedy they are experiencing and will need the help of their support system to get through it. This stage of grief, known as acceptance, can be a devastating moment for the individual’s emotions. Acceptance is usually accompanied by a flood of emotions and a tremendous need for support. Some people are unable to care for themselves when the full weight of their personal tragedy hits them. There are also those who go through a quiet acceptance rather than an outwardly expressive one, and may need time away from their support system. This is also completely natural.

What is to follow is a lengthy grieving process. For some it runs its course and then the individual is ready to step back into their life. For others, it is a more extended process that requires a lengthy purging of painful emotions before the individual can be functional in their life again. No two people grieve in the same way, but if you are concerned that a loved one is damaging their life due to an inability to recovery from personal grief, it is wise to seek professional mental health intervention.


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