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Treatment for Addiction Caused by Grief and Loss

addiction counseling grief and lossAddiction that begins due to a personal tragedy in someone’s life is harmful, and will only serve to create more grief for the individual over time. People develop addictions during times of grief because they do not know how to cope with their loss so they choose escape instead. The best thing for a person who is struggling with addiction after a personal loss is professional addiction treatment.

The first step of residential addiction treatment is a detoxification for those who are addicted to a substance. This will restore the individual’s physical health and get them back on a normal sleep schedule so that they have the strength to receive the psychological treatment they need. Detoxification processes are always heavily monitored so that the individual is never alone through traumatic moments or unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

Once the individual is detoxed, the treatment program can begin. At a quality rehabilitation center, treatment will be tailored to the needs of the individual. In selecting which treatment program they will attend, be sure that the treatment center you choose has the option of a grief and loss approach to treatment. This is an important specification to the individual’s situation. The treatment material and staff must be equipped to work with a client who fell into addiction due to grief as it changes the entire nature of the program. This will ensure that the issues the individual is dealing with will be addressed.

A quality rehab will also provide access to aftercare programs and ongoing treatment. Many rehabs make ongoing counseling with their licensed counselors accessible to their former clients. They are also able to recommend sober living houses, or halfway houses, support groups and sponsors to ensure that the individual stays steadfast in their recovery and does not succumb to relapse. The pain of going through a personal tragedy is very vivid and difficult, but it does not have to consume your life. If you or someone you care about has turned to addiction to cope with a personal tragedy, seek the services of an addiction treatment specialist today.


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